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Recycling and Waste Management Centre

Purchase and sale of ferrous and non-ferrous metals / Disposal of End-Of-Life Vehicles / Battery Collection Centre / Used Car Parts for Sale

Sucatas Pinto, a company that relies on the experience of its founders’ family traditions, first started in the year 2000. In addition to their experience, Sucatas Pinto stands out for its values and the quality of its services, always holding its commitment to the environment, its clients and suppliers in the highest regard.


To collect, recycle, value and reuse ferrous and non-ferrous metals and end-of life vehicles, helping to maintain environmental sustainability and preservation, while at the same time developing national and international businesses in a manner that ensures the clients, suppliers and employees are pleased.


To be a reference in the waste management field, recognized by clients and suppliers as the best option and the one that stands out for its concern with the environment.


  • Compromise and dedication in order to fulfil the needs of clients and interested parties;
  • To create ethical, open and upstanding partnerships in order to ensure excellent and quality services and environmental performances;
  • Responsibility and motivation in order to make its employees feel integrated and always working as a team in order to achieve the same goal;
  • To innovate and explore new ideas, processes and solutions in order to create a more sustainable world;

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