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We are committed to the Environment

Sustainability is one of the latest subjects in social and environmental conscience, as well as in technologies for the future.

As a Metal Recycling Centre, Sucatas Pinto is helping to create a more sustainable industry, in order to protect local and global environment.

It’s important for us to comply with every safety and quality criteria that our proceedings and processes demand. We are committed to guaranteeing the safety and well-being of all our employees, costumers and suppliers, by protecting their safety in the face of possible accidents that may occur at our facilities.

  • We have a quality radioactivity detection system;
  • We are certified in Quality and Environment;
  • We have modern facilities and machinery;
  • We comply with the rules of Work Safety and Sanitation, providing Individual Protection Equipments to our employees and visitors.

Our entire team is made up of highly qualified professions who guarantee the safety and success of our processes and proceedings in order to meet the needs of all our costumers, suppliers and stakeholders.

We believe people are valuable and we support future generations, which is why we are open to spontaneous job and internships applications.

The Quality and Environment Policy establishedby all to achieve the crucial sustained development of Sucatas Pinto, S.A, is based upon the following principals:

  • Always trying to fulfil the needs of clients and interested parties;
  • Invest in the company’s employees as party concerned, while encouraging their responsibility and motivation;
  • Ensure that the organization has all the necessary resources, while promoting the training of all its employees and motivating the enforcement of good environmental practices;
  • Improve communication to all the concerned parties, share knowledge, perspectives and understanding, as well as to educate them in the need of pursuing good environmental practices;
  • Evaluate and control possible environmental impacts of the activity, prioritizing prevention measures;
  • Fulfil the applicable regulatory  and legal requirements, while continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the services we provide, as well as our environmental performance;


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